What’s Your Zone?

Choose where ever you wish to stay happy, healthy, and safe.

Geetika Sethi
2 min readApr 10, 2020


Which zone are you in during the Covid 19 Pandemic ?

Who do you want to be ?

Are you in the

  • Fear Zone
  • Learning Zone
  • Growth Zone

Let’s see if you opt for being in the FEAR ZONE , you would be in today’s situation :-

  • Complaining Frequently.
  • Forwarding all messages that you recieve .
  • Getting Hyper Easily.
  • Grabbing every essenstial as well as non-essential you can lay your hands on to stock up.
  • Spreading your fear around.

Moving on , if you are in the LEARNING ZONE , in today’s time you would be opting to :-

  • Becoming aware of the present situation .
  • Act and React only post thinking and reviewing facts.
  • Evaluate every news you get before conveying it ahead .
  • Adapt a non-compulsive attitude in regard to consumption of everything , be it food or news .
  • Acknowledge the effort of the Government in trying to control the pandemic instead of criticising them for making you develop self – restraint .
  • Stay Positive by trying to control your negative emotions .

Lastly , if you are in the GROWTH ZONE , you are HOME . The safest and happiest place to be and that’s if you :-

  • Live in the Present to Focus on the Future.
  • Nurture Self to adapt to new changes .
  • Maintain a Happy Emotional State .
  • Spread Hope and Positivity in all possible ways .
  • Develop empathy towards self and others.
  • Bring out your hidden talents.
  • Untap your trapped potential.
  • Help all those around you with your newly discovered talents, so that they are encouraged to bring out their’s too.

It’s Nature’s way of reminding you that , she exists and rules !

So Stay Home,Stay Healthy and Stay Safe !!!

©️ Geetika Sethi June 2020

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