Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude to me is an attitude .

A positive attitude that I attribute to all the love , joy , laughter , happiness and much much more that I get in abundance from my family and all my loved ones.

Nonetheless , am truly grateful for every moment in life , every bright morning that I wake up to after every calm and peaceful night.

I believe Gratitude is something we all have enough off. It is something that springs up from our soul. A hidden component ,it’s like sugar that adds sweetness to the cake.

Gratitude is impetus to satisfaction. It is simply like the flash that another reminds us to put on every now and then when our light goes off , as we click a selfie .

What does Gratitude mean to you?

©️Geetika Sethi

Pic Credits – Olivia Rothschild from album This Matters.



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Geetika Sethi

Geetika Sethi

I believe in leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere I go. ✨Wife to 1, Mom to 3 and a Holistic Health Coach. Authoring books on Poetry, Quotes and Short Stories.