Poetry | Haiku | Halloween

A Pumpkin’d Lie

Halloween and pumpkin’s one-night stand

Credits — Rick Monteiro

Halloween and Pumpkins are perfect together. Yes- for always, but they just last a special night and that is why I have called it a Halloween and Pumpkin one -night stand.
In this Haiku, I have mentioned the night of Halloween, comparing it to its characteristics of the hair and eyes. And yes — many of you would surely wonder what is the word “pumpkin’d”.
Well, it’s made by me to express the night and since this night is a game night, it’s all about play and lies — being a pumpkin’d lie.

I hope you all enjoy this Haiku and Happy Halloween!

Thank you, Galit Birk, PhD for the Spooky Halloween prompt and the invitation to participate in it. I play it forward asking everyone who reads this to play along.

©️Geetika Sethi, October 2020

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