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And just like that, nearly half of Y21 has flown away.

Credits — Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

it was a dark cloud
that burst on the earth
the thunderstorm
the lightening
not sparing the world
for it came and took away…

breath by breath
life as it slides by
outright and sudden
without goodbyes

no time to comfort
those in grief
the dignity of death
now is a documented brief

what’s left of life
are just covid conversations
with learning to stay safe
amidst healthy online sessions

how to stay sane
is the biggest question
for people in lockdown
and going into depression

safe ones and recovered
you’re lucky to celebrate life
just count yourself blessed
ignore sadness despite the…

Real Life Story| Writing | Life| Happiness | Love

A reality game show that takes place daily on the stage of life.

Credits- Authors Phone Gallery

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.” – William Lyon Phelps

By getting married you are not just getting a spouse for a wife or hubby, rather you are getting your whole world.

From then on until the rest of your days your wife/hubby will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend.

She or he will share your moments, your days, and your years. You will share your joys and sorrows, your successes and failures, your dreams and your fears. …


It’s rightly said, what you sow you reap, be it in life, your actions, deeds or prayers.

Credits – Author’s Pinterest Gallery

Prayer is not an unabating act of beggary for this, that and everything…rather praying is that action which is meant to be done straight from the heart and with a pure mind.Be it for even a few seconds or minutes, only then can it be heard. I feel “You must know how and what to pray for and where and when.” — Geetika Sethi

Praying is definitely not a time pass or a hobby that you develop to talk about or even boast about to others.

Coming to me, I’m not a person who is fond of praying. Now you…


Are you an anxious overthinker? If so, then people will believe that you suffer from anxiety!

Credits- Sincerely Media on Unsplash.

Are You An Anxious Overthinker? If so, then people will believe that you suffer from anxiety!

Don’t let that happen! Read on to discover secrets to get rid of overthinking.

Does your brain make you dwell in a world of nonsense? Did you know that if it does, you can re-wire it and restart it?

The brain is nothing but an important muscle in the body which needs to be twitched regularly with exercise. It’s only then that we can enhance our core – I mean core beliefs here.

Doing so will enable you to get rid of your intrusive…


A real-life experience that literary compares to a lesson from the Bhagwad Gita.

Credits — A picture shot by my friend Avanti.

“How does a Perfected one move around in the world?” asks Arjuna at zero hour of battle. “Like a tortoise,” answers Shri Krishna.

Ever astute – his core fully engaged with the awareness and agility to pull all extroverted appendages back into his shell at the slightest sign of temptation or danger. Thus, not in the least bit entangled or disturbed by the going on’s in his surroundings, whatever those going on’s maybe.

The goriest yet captivating sight of a monitor lizard completely devouring a tortoise – so err mmm … skilfully, had my friend Avanti stop during her fast…

Mythology | Religion | Tarot | Super Power | Writing

When Lord Shiva becomes the reader and guides us on how to live a happy and blessed life.

Credits -Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Sitting at my desk, sipping hot Masala Tea post a scrumptious breakfast, as I scrolled through new reads on Medium, I thought what do I write today?

Think, thinking and thought!

Yes, a sudden flash, a brilliant idea came to me as my eyes went to the left. There lay my deck of Tarot cards. Mind you, these are not the usual tarot card but the ones that give messages from the Divine.

So as usual, just like what’s my New Normal these days – I decided to call upon Lord Shiva to do this session with me.

Are you…


Do you know why it is so?

Credits – Bruce Mars On Unsplash


mood to sleep more

still try to wake up but

no voice only hoarseness

can barely say a goodmorning

then thought let’s drink some hot jaggery water with ginger

maybe the vocal chords open up

and that warmth makes the throat feel so good

then I propped up at bit on bed

for it’s black coffee time

enjoyed it, while scrolling on slack

soon it’s time for a hot masala chai

sipping it I realised, I didn’t write

anything at all yesterday

why did I while away my time?

how did I forget to do something that I enjoy…


A free verse poetic response to a question.

Credits — engin akyurt on Unsplash

What am I afraid of, asked Josh?
I thought…
What am I afraid of?

I’m a daredevil, not afraid of
what life throws to me.
Be it good times or bad times,
as they are just visitors
and not here forever to stay!
But the only thing I’m afraid of today is
My Blocked Noseachchooo!!!

I hate getting a cold, as it blocks me,
blocks my ears, my nose and my
thinking capacity too!
So at such times when you ask me Josh,
What am I afraid of?
This is the best reply I can write to you.


Divine Detoxification–Is it only for us editors or it’s extended to everyone on Medium too?

Credits – Authors Pinterest Collection

Lord Shiva always comes to our rescue, I don’t know about the rest of you but for me, I am sure now, and especially after I sent him an email.

And I got doubly sure when I heard from him.

Last but not least, my joy knew no bounds when he attended the Illumination birthday party in his omnipresent avatar.

Do you know what happened thereafter? He just refused to go. I thought maybe he too has a hangover like the rest of us. But the mind-reader that he is, said “I’m not leaving anytime soon. I am here for…

Writing | Bedroom | Life | Self Improvement | Inspiration

Ideas that will drive you up the hill with excitement.

Credits — @titouanc On Unsplash

If you're thinking before you start reading “It Better Be A Good Enough To Turn Me On.” I promise you that it will leave you satisfied to the core.

The Promo or so-called buildup to any event is always the best part. It’s always the trailer that leads you on to the main. And if it’s not catchy – doesn’t make you hold your breath for a second or pull your heart strings, it surely isn’t worth it.

Foreplay has and has to always be seductive in nature. By that I mean, in simple terms – it should be able…

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