Revealed on Ganesh Chaturthi, Tenth September Two Thousand Twenty One From Thy Innerself.

Credits- Author’s Own Pic (The pic is of a once “worshipped” Ganapati in my home )

“To seek and find the God that made men, man must give up his fanatic obsession over the Gods that men made.”

“Do not bring a Ganapati home to worship and fuss over through Ganesh Utsav if you aren’t able to continue the ritual every year religiously. It is very…


My personal experience with Sanskrit

Credits- From a Friends Phone Gallery.

Going back to when I started middle school, Sanskrit was a compulsory language right through grade 6 to grade 8.

And, ohh my… how I detested it. Reason one- because the teacher was an old, slow and boring one and thus learning was never fun. …

Mindfulness | Spiritual | Life | Mythology | Philosophy

Mind frequency sees no colour or race.

Credits — @ashleybatz

“The universe responds to your frequency. It does not recognise your personal desires, wants or needs. For it only and only understands the frequency at which you are vibrating.

For example, if you are whirling in the frequency of fear, guilt or shame you are going to attract things, circumstances…


The ultimate goal of yoga is the union with the higher self.

Credits – Melina Kiefer on Unsplash

Let’s start from the very beginning, first of all because – not as much in temples, churches, mosques and pilgrim sites – but right here within us, what we need to acknowledge.

As in the innermost recesses of our Very Own Being … pulsates “The God Principle” we spend lifetimes…

Poetry| Family | Love | Relationships | Home

A place called home.

Credits — Naeim Jafari on Unsplash

I searched everywhere for love, peace and solace

Found it at home though, no other place…

What it means to be a wife

Adds a new meaning to life…

Being a mother

Is a joy compared to none other…

So no longer do I need to search for love, peace…

Words that make your day

Radio Frequency. # 5

Credits – Francis Will on Unsplash

If you’re happy and you know it – you don’t need to show it…


You will spread the happiness glow, every place you go!


Happiness is that current which once catches you, stays in you forever!

Have you been happyilyelectrocuted as yet?

If you enjoyed reading this little…

Words that make your day

Radio Frequency # 4

Credits – Francis Will on Unsplash

It’s said “When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.”

So enjoy today and every day…make the most of each and every moment in life as it never comes back!

Look for sweetness in bitterness and that dark phase in life too will…

Credits – Francis Will on Unsplash

Radio Frequency # 3

Credits- Francis Will on Unsplash

Radio Frequency # 2

Credits- Francis Will on Unsplash

Radio Frequency # 1

Geetika Sethi

I believe in leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere I go. ✨Wife to 1, Mom to 3 and a Holistic Health Coach. Authoring books on Poetry, Quotes and Short Stories.

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