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When Lord Shiva becomes the reader and guides us on how to live a happy and blessed life.

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Sitting at my desk, sipping hot Masala Tea post a scrumptious breakfast, as I scrolled through new reads on Medium, I thought what do I write today?

Yes, a sudden flash, a brilliant idea came to me as my eyes went to the left. There lay my deck of Tarot cards. Mind you, these are not the usual tarot card but the ones that give messages from the Divine.

So as usual, just like what’s my New Normal these days – I decided to call upon Lord Shiva to do this session with me.

Are you…


Do you know why it is so?

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mood to sleep more

still try to wake up but

no voice only hoarseness

can barely say a goodmorning

then thought let’s drink some hot jaggery water with ginger

maybe the vocal chords open up

and that warmth makes the throat feel so good

then I propped up at bit on bed

for it’s black coffee time

enjoyed it, while scrolling on slack

soon it’s time for a hot masala chai

sipping it I realised, I didn’t write

anything at all yesterday

why did I while away my time?

how did I forget to do something that I enjoy…


A free verse poetic response to a question.

Credits — engin akyurt on Unsplash

What am I afraid of, asked Josh?
I thought…
What am I afraid of?

I’m a daredevil, not afraid of
what life throws to me.
Be it good times or bad times,
as they are just visitors
and not here forever to stay!
But the only thing I’m afraid of today is
My Blocked Noseachchooo!!!

I hate getting a cold, as it blocks me,
blocks my ears, my nose and my
thinking capacity too!
So at such times when you ask me Josh,
What am I afraid of?
This is the best reply I can write to you.


Divine Detoxification–Is it only for us editors or it’s extended to everyone on Medium too?

Credits – Authors Pinterest Collection

Lord Shiva always comes to our rescue, I don’t know about the rest of you but for me, I am sure now, and especially after I sent him an email.

And I got doubly sure when I heard from him.

Last but not least, my joy knew no bounds when he attended the Illumination birthday party in his omnipresent avatar.

Do you know what happened thereafter? He just refused to go. I thought maybe he too has a hangover like the rest of us. But the mind-reader that he is, said “I’m not leaving anytime soon. I am here for…

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Ideas that will drive you up the hill with excitement.

Credits — @titouanc On Unsplash

If you're thinking before you start reading “It Better Be A Good Enough To Turn Me On.” I promise you that it will leave you satisfied to the core.

The Promo or so-called buildup to any event is always the best part. It’s always the trailer that leads you on to the main. And if it’s not catchy – doesn’t make you hold your breath for a second or pull your heart strings, it surely isn’t worth it.

Foreplay has and has to always be seductive in nature. By that I mean, in simple terms – it should be able…


It’s an honour indeed to be able to seek the blessings and guidance of the most loving, good and kind-hearted living God, who forever shows us the way.

Credits — Gúŕú śàí Pŕàkèśh on Unsplash. *(Here I have chosen this picture specially as it signifies that Our Shiva is atop us all always, taking care.)

Good Evening Friends!

“I, Geetika Sethi, the Master of Ceremonies for this evening welcomes you to our 1st Birthday. We are so happy that you stopped by to join in the celebration. You’re right in time! So let’s start this evening with an introduction to ILLUMINATION.”

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle … On June 18th,2019 a seed that was sown by Dr Mehmet Yildiz finally bore fruit. The conception took place impregnating our dear Medium with ILLUMINATION.

Those 9 months were a smooth sail. I guess like it’s said – there is calm before the storm, and it was just that!


Mythology | Religion | Writing | Open Letter | Super Power

A notification in my mailbox read so and left me wondering — is that true and is that you — Lord Shiva?

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God… dancing away, I yelled to myself in joyful surprise, “ The good God, the kind-hearted Lord Shiva wants to connect with me.”

With a heart full of excitement, I clicked it open — the very first line of the message that read — “ Today Geetika, we believe God wants you to know…”

Today Geetika, God wants you to know that whatever fills your heart with gladness is a good thing. Let it forever be filled. …

Mythology | Religion | Writing| Open Letter |Super Power

An Open Letter to Lord Shiva in an attempt to Understand him -the most beloved Supreme Lord!

Credits- A saved pic from author’s IPhone photo library.

Dear Lord Shiva,

I am writing to you as I wish to understand you. I have heard your followers chant your name all along and talk about the miracles you do. Since I do not believe what I hear so easily, I thought it’s best to write to you, to get to know you personally.

So, at first, I wish to know why do your followers say that they can’t even breathe without chanting your name? Do you reside in their soul?

They say karma is bestowed to them by you. Only you decide their good and evil and as…

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One word that fuses our internal circuit causing a breakdown

Credits — Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash


In the words of Sahil Patel, “Today’s poetry prompt is “UNCERTAINTY”. Uncertainty is something that everyone face at some stages in their life. So, this is the chance to write about that uncertainty phase of your life.”

Invited to attempt the above challenge, I played along in my best capacity and I hope you enjoy reading it.

I further call upon my friends tagged below to join in the challenge. Look…

Writing | Bulletin | Mindfulness | Growth| Self

Which is the healthiest juice to sink it in, all from?

Credits — @alexloup on Unsplash

Good Morning World! Well have I got you thinking… left you a little perplexed that what’s this, why Good Morning in case it’s evening for you?

Well, it is indeed as simple as it sounds… Here in India, in the capital city of New Delhi, where I reside in it’s South Zone, it is exactly 7:59:15 am. Moving on, those who know me would think…why the hell hasn't she slept till now viz-a-vis those who might think that I have woken up with the sun.

It’s all the readers perspective, as they read and what they read. What they understand…

Geetika Sethi

Leaves a bit of sparkle everywhere she goes ✨Wife to 1, Mom to 3. Holistic Health Coach, Author of upcoming books, Top Writer -Poetry & Curated on Medium for it

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